Hang Laundry Cabinets like a PRO!

Hello, hello! Back with some instructions for all you folks who are finding some inspiration to tackle your laundry space! For anyone who missed it, I recently shared a {Before + After} post of our laundry room, so start there if you need some inspiration. For anyone ready to tackle this project, read on!

*Please note that this post contains affiliate links. Read more about that on my {Disclosures} page.

{Supplies List}

  • Cabinets of your choice (I used these from Lowes!)
  • 4 in Spax Screws
  • 2×4, length of your wall
  • Drill and bits
  • Level
  • Cabinet Hardware (These are the exact product I used)
  • Please note, this is a 2 person job so plan to have a buddy help!

Quick recap…this was our crazy laundry room prior to the project. It is difficult to get good pictures since the room is small, but you get the idea!

We started by ripping down the weird hanging cabinet and the wire shelving. I then patched and painted the walls with Sherwin Williams Alabaster. It is a really pretty slightly creamy white that I also used in my master bedroom. If you need tips for prep work and/or painting, check out my post Painting 101.

Now that we had a blank slate, it was time to hang the cabinets! Choosing cabinets can be a difficult decision. I wanted a more modern style and wanted to stay away from the stark, sterile look of pure white cabinets. (Not knocking your style all you white cabinet people! There is a time and place for it, but with my white appliances in this space, I knew I needed some color.)

I ended up purchasing Diamond NOW Wintucket Cabinets from Lowes. The color is called Cloud. It is a beautiful warm gray with a taupe undertone. I ordered two stock size cabinets that were shipped directly to the store for pick-up. At that time, they did not carry this particular color in my store but did have a sample piece to see the color in person.

Based on the size of my wall, I ordered two single door cabinets. I wanted to create open shelves between the two cabinets. If you are putting two cabinets next to each other or butting up against a wall, you can order spacers. The cabinet area at lowes was very helpful and thankfully I didn’t need anything fancy with the design I was envisioning.

You will definitely need two people to help get the cabinets up! First, figure out the desired height of your cabinet. I raised mine a few inches so my top loader washing machine could open/close with ease. Make a mark on your wall at your desired height. Use a stud finder to locate a few studs across your wall and mark those as well. Using a level and spax screws, drill a 2×4 into the studs horizontally across your wall. This will serve as a ledge to sit your cabinet onto and help you to hang you new cabinets straight!


Once you are certain with the spacing of your cabinet, remove the door and hoist it on top of your 2×4. Double check that it is level. Drill a few pilot holes straight through the back of your cabinet and into the stud (scary I know!!). Use the pilot holes to drill your 4in spax screws into the studs. We used about 6 screws for each cabinet, which may have been overkill but you can’t be too sturdy!

Repeat for your second cabinet and then remove the 2×4 from your wall. You can patch the holes, or in my case I left them since I was going to cover them with tile.


Now, it’s time to add the hardware! THIS really gives your cabinet some character. I found it easier to install the hardware while I had the cabinet door removed. I chose these Kelly Matte Black Pulls from Amazon. They are great quality and you cannot beat the price!

I was freaked out to drill holes through my new cabinets, but if I can do it…you can too! Just measure, measure again and measure one more time before you drill your holes! I drilled from the inside face of the cabinet towards the outside so I could make some inconspicuous marks for my measurements. Once your holes are drilled, thread the hardware onto it and tighten them up.

Now, just reattach your cabinet doors! Easy Peasy!



Next up, I’ll be sharing how I installed our subway tile backsplash! Thanks for swinging by and reading this post! Let me know if you have questions or comments below!



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