Laundry Room Makeover

When Tyler and I got married, we searched high and low for a good rental property and settled on a cute little cape cod that we thought was *perfect* for us. We were so excited to be getting married, moving in together and starting this new chapter that we were blind to the absent front hall closet, lack of pantry and the laundry closet located in the kitchen. Now, we did pretty good with a cute coat rack in lieu of the closet and storing our food in an antique armoire instead of a pantry, but the laundry closet thing…wow. Some people may not be bothered by this, but I couldn’t stand stepping around laundry baskets and having piles of towels and sheets in the way of cooking. When we decided to buy a house, an actual laundry ROOM was on the top of my wish list!

Well I got a laundry room for sure…but it was not pretty! I always kept the door closed because it was constantly a mess. We really had no storage, the walls were dirty and scuffed and the space was less than functional. Ok, let’s see these before pictures. Guys…I’m embarrassed to post these for you to see. Maybe this is subconsciously why I haven’t blogged in 10 months. Ok…here goes.


Don’t even ask me what that cabinet is doing over there hanging like that…who even hung that?!


Always stuff on the floor…because there was no real storage for items.



Ok, I feel better getting that off my chest. So for all those people who always say “Oh your house always looks so nice!” Now you know the truth. This was our laundry room for two years…#instaworthy!

My only two wishes for this space were a) it had to be functional with a lot more storage and b) it had to be pretty enough to make laundry just *slightly* more enjoyable. Okay, maybe I have a third wish of finding out who hung that weird cabinet sideways…I’m just still very baffled by that.

I quickly fell IN LOVE with Jenna’s laundry space over on her blog Jenna Sue Design Co.and wanted to recreate the same vibe and color palette. I had to tweak some of the design to fit my space and use different materials that were available to me but I am grateful for her awesome inspiration for this project!

We stripped down the cabinets and wire shelves, patched and painted all the walls, trim and door, hung new cabinets, learned how to use a wet saw, tiled the backsplash, freaked out about drilling holes in the tile to hang shelves, hung the shelves successfully and added some cute little hooks for our work bags. And here we have it…





After we were done, I hand made this cute little laundry cart and put it on casters for a little extra storage. It slides right next to my dryer and covers the ugly dryer vent. Cute, eh?


We finally have a functional laundry room that stays organized. I no longer keep our door shut because the room is just too cute to hide!

I’ll be sharing details of how to hang cabinets, how to tile a backsplash and my plans for the cute laundry rolling cart so check back soon! I promise I won’t leave you hanging for 10 months again…



The “Where’d you get that?” list:

Cabinets: Lowes Wintucket Cabinet// Tile: Lowes: American Olean Subway Tile// Cabinet Hardware: Amazon Swiss Kelly Matte Black Cabinet Pull// Rolling Laundry Cart: DIY, *instructions coming soon!*// Picture: hobby lobby Succulent Wall Frame// Bag Hooks: hobby lobby Metal Double Wall Hook

untitled design



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