Project Studio

Y’all, I found my new favorite hang out spot! When Amy contacted me and invited me to come hang out in her little shop called Project Studio (located in Marietta, Georgia), I knew I was going to love it! A coffee in one hand and paint brush in the other…sounds like a great Saturday morning to me! It is the perfect spot to get your creative juices flowing and create something adorable for your home, classroom or business.


Grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine!) and pop on in for a 2-hour guided session where you can create custom farmhouse signs, serving trays, centerpiece boxes, picture frames, door hangers…you name it! Don’t consider yourself to be creative? Hang on girlfriend, you are about to impress yourself! The ladies at Project Studio help guide you the whole way and provide as little or as much help as you need to create the perfect piece for your home. I decided to fly solo this round, but coming with a group of friends is equally as fun. (Walk-ins are welcome, but reserving your spot online is highly encouraged to guarantee your spot!)


First things first, ya gotta pick your project! They have an awesome gallery wall to choose from, but you can also interchange the designs to custom make your piece. I promise you, this is the HARDEST part of the whole experience! There are so many adorable options and I really want them all for my house. I finally decided on a “Welcome” door hanger to spruce up my front porch.


Once you finally decide, just park your butt at one of these awesome project tables and they will bring you all the supplies you need.



Amy (one of the co-owners) was my artistic guide for this adventure. She walked me step by step through drawing and painting my door hanger. We started by painting the background of my sign white, then slowly filling the design in piece by piece.


You would NEVER know by the end result of my masterpiece, but I have NO painting talent what-so-ever. Amy showed me the technique and taught me the brush strokes and then handed it over to me to try. She was so helpful with any questions and made sure I was comfortable with the technique.


We worked layer by layer on the wreath first and dried it between steps to avoid smudges. Once the wreath was complete, Amy helped me to letter over the top. Once again, you really don’t have to be a master of handwriting, they do a great job of assisting you! You can also customize what you’d like the sign to say. I wanted mine to say “Welcome” because I may have gotten carried away making signs with my last name on them. I certainly don’t need to remind everyone of my last name in every room of my house.


Ah! How cute?! A little light sanding over the top added a cute touch. I also applied a layer of wax to keep my sign from fading and getting yucky on my front porch. Amy then took my sign and added a rope so I can easily hang it on my door.


I was SO proud of my sign and totally impressed with myself. I could not wait to get home and hang it on my porch!


Before you leave Project Studio, be sure to check out the retail space at the front of the store. They offer some really adorable goodies, some of which are handmade locally. The shelves are filled with ready-to-take home signs, candles, soaps and other home decor. Trust me, you’ll want to stay and check it out!




Overall, I give my experience a 10/10 at Project Studio! Whether you’re looking for a creative personalized gift or hosting a girls night to unwind with friends, this is the place to be!

Project Studio is located at:

3960 Mary Eliza Trace, Marietta GA 30064 & 5 Mountain Street, Atlanta GA 30339

For more information and online booking: Project Studio Online

*In order to stay blog compliant, I must disclose that the product featured in this post was provided by Project Studio for review purposes. Rest assured, my true love cannot be bought and all opinions stated in the above post are my own. Read all about my disclosure policies {here} Interested in collaborating with me? {Click Here}



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