Master Bedroom Reveal


When we moved into our little fixer upper, we got pulled in a million different directions working on a million different projects. Our master bedroom really took a backseat. I think it is because you can shut the door and pretend it isn’t there. We focused so much on our living space with painting and furnishing and just kept our bedroom on the “to-do” list behind a shut door. 

The carpet in the master was something worse than gross when we bought the house. Since we knew we would be selling our current bedroom suite, we decided to sleep on our mattress until we found something we loved. Well, since the carpet was so nasty, we slept on a mattress in one of our guest bedrooms for 9 months. That is a long time! It was quite lovely and not at all uncomfortable (*insert eye roll here*). We had our dresser in the other guest room (since it would not fit with our king size mattress) and clothes in two different closets. Basically, we were a giant mess! And everyday, we would shut the doors and pretend we had a nice bedroom to come home to.


We knew we wanted to rip out that carpet and put down hardwood flooring. For those that follow my blog and instagram, you may have seen our hardwood floors. They are quite “loved” and worn, but I LOVE them. Very wide plank, hand scrapped dark walnut. Sounds wonderful, until you have to match the wood for your bedroom.  We had a company come out and try to match it, but honestly it wasn’t a great match and was going to cost us a small fortune to purchase and install it. We searched high and low and had samples sent to us for months until finally, FINALLY we found a match! When I heard how much it was going to cost to install it, I about cancelled the project and called a carpet company. Tyler was so adamant about replacing it with hardwood, and I am so glad he was. I like to DIY. How hard could it be to install it ourselves?

We ordered the wood, rented a floor nailer and started watching Youtube videos. If you think your carpet is nasty, just wait until you rip it out. SO SO gross. We cut it and rolled it all up and drug it through the house into the garage. Holy dust mess. By the way, whatever is on the carpet, is most certainly on the carpet pad x 100. This whole process made me want to never have a shred of carpet in my house again.


My awesome handy Dad came over to help us install the flooring. It is basically like a giant puzzle and using the floor nailer was actually really fun! It definitely took us longer than a professional company to install it, BUT it was not hard and saved us SO MUCH MONEY. DIY for the WIN!


The other change we made to the room was PAINT! I did not get a good “before” picture, but this room was LIME GREEN when we moved in. If y’all have read my Guest Bedroom post, you’ll remember the green hue that was painted in that room. Yes, same lime green! Anyways, out of sheer concern for my corneas, I painted the room a light gray when we moved in. After we started picking out furniture, I decided I wanted a different color (whoops!) and settled on a soft white. The white we chose is Sherwin Williams, Alabaster. I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the market for a white paint. It is beautiful!


Now that the shell of the room was complete, it was time to pick out furniture, decor and a rug! This was the fun (but expensive) part! I knew I wanted to stray from the ever-so-popular farmhouse theme, but still wanted it to mesh with the rest of my home decor. I wanted it to be inviting and comfy but I wanted my bed to make a statement! Well, let me tell you…I think we hit the nail on the head!

Over a year ago, we were searching for the perfect bed and my husband found one that we both fell in LOVE with it. It is called the Lombok Bed and it is from Anthropologie. The price tag was a *little* frightening for our budget, but I literally couldn’t stop thinking about that dang bed. Every time I went hunting for one, that bed would pop up in my head and just crush the one in front of me. Nothing even came close. I wanted to LOVE our bed and I wanted it to be excellent quality. We were replacing an ikea bed that treated us just fine, but I knew I wanted something that would last. Something that I could pass on in my family. So, I did what any crazy lady would do…I tucked away every extra penny I could get my hands on until a Black Friday sale and held my breath while I confirmed my order. When the company called me 6 weeks later to confirm the delivery, I was beyond excited to get home from work and see that beauty!

I almost cried when I walked in the room. It is HUGE. It is beautiful. It is truly a piece of art. I wanted something to make a statement and let me tell you, that is exactly what this bed does. Anthropologie…you knocked it out of the park on this one!





Now that I had the main piece of furniture, I picked out my dresser, rug, bedding and window treatments based around it. I have linked the bed, decor and accessories at the end of this post if you are interested in any of it.







I created this DIY frame shelf to hold pictures of our sweet fur children. It was super easy and only cost me about $12. Click here for step by step instructions to make your own!



I’m still on the hunt for a few extra pieces for our room. I’d like to eventually add a full length mirror and a nice side chair (ya know, to throw all my laundry on). I am trying to take my time and wait until I find something I love instead of rushing just to get it done. Just like our bed, I know the perfect pieces are out there and worth the wait!

Thanks for stopping by!



Lombok Bed: Anthropologie | Gatlin Dresser: Macy’s | End Tables: Antique Store Finds | Temptation Tribal Hex Rug: RugsUSA | Puderviva Duvet Cover : Ikea | Throw Pillows : Homegoods | Picture Frames: Target | Busktoffel Roller Shades : Ikea | White Sheer Curtains : Homegoods



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