{Before + After} Exterior


Now that we hired a painter and picked out colors…it was time to let the magic happen! Painting began while I was working, so you can imagine my excitement driving home that day. I was literally holding my breath driving through the neighborhood! What the heck was I about to come home to? Was it going to be amazing? Was the white too bright? Too yellow? Did it look okay with our brown roof? Was I going to cry tears of joy or tears of regret? Was it a good idea or bad idea to paint that brick? I know, I know. Paint is paint and paint can be changed…for a pretty penny! We had to get this right the first time!

As I rounded the corner and pulled up our super steep driveway, I felt like I was on my own personal episode of Fixer Upper. I almost crashed my car. Holy beautiful white brick home…and it was mine! STOP IT. I let out a little yell, which I am sure my neighbors heard, and I jumped out of my car. I immediately started a little happy dance, followed by running up and down the driveway taking it all in. No more brown/orange home! The color was beyond perfect. The white was so crisp and clean! The whole house looked brand new. It was beautiful…and trust me when I say this…that was NOT a word I had ever used to describe our house before.

Okay, enough ranting and raving about my fixer upper episode. Let me just show you! Ladies and gents, I give you {Before + After} pictures!


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We are BEYOND happy with the outcome of this exterior transformation! We have a ways to go with landscaping and deck resurfacing…but all in sweet time! The biggest thing we wrestled with was to paint or not paint the brick. Everyone has a strong opinion about it…but I am MORE than happy that we decided to pull the trigger and do it! It brightened up the whole home and made everything so crisp and fresh. I never felt that our brick matched our roof well, so this was our chance to change that. Our painter did such a meticulous job with the prep work that all of our moldings, siding and garage door look brand new. Not only do we have a home that I personally think looks great, but all that prep work and paint will help to protect our home from the wear and tear it was enduring (Thanks, Luna!).

In case anyone missed my post about picking our paint colors, you can see it here! For quick reference, we chose Sherwin Williams Shoji White for the base color and trim and Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron for the shutters and doors.

Want to see some in progress photos? Check these babies out! Our shutters looks SO ORANGE against the white! It was left like this over the weekend and I am sure our neighbors were diggin’ it!


Cheers to another home project complete! Thanks for checking out my post and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog (on the right sidebar) so you don’t miss any of my shenanigans!




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