Homeowneversary Recap

It has been a whole entire year since we started this journey of buying a house and slowly turning it into our home. It seems like just yesterday that Tyler and I were digging through boxes in our garage the night we moved in. He was looking for a cable to hook up our TV…and I was looking for my underwear so I could actually shower. Priorities, right? Thankfully, we had some wonderful family members, a super large vehicle, and a lot of coffee to get all of our stuff moved in one day. My awesome mother and my sweet mother-in-law scrubbed the kitchen and floors, my dad and Tyler took multiple trips to get all our furniture, Draco ran around his new backyard to patrol the area and I was….I don’t know, maybe bossing everyone around? HA. It was somewhat of a blur. We went to bed that night, on our mattress on the guest bedroom floor, super excited and so very tired. We had made it. We bought our first house!


In honor of our one year homeowneversary, I thought it would be fun to recap a list of the projects we have worked on thus far! Our house was by no means a total fixer upper, but it definitely needed some love to make it our own. Almost every weekend has been filled with planning projects, purchasing supplies and executing our crazy ideas. Anyone who has lived in a project house feels me…it can be exhausting! I share lots of posts of pretty house pictures, but behind me is a mess of half-ripped up flooring, patched walls and missing door trim. It is a MESS. A fun, crazy, entertaining mess. Some days it feels like a war zone, and then suddenly a project is completed and it is so rewarding and fun you can’t help but let your mind wander to start thinking about the next cabinet you want to rip down, wall you want to paint or entire basement you want to finish. Do I sound crazy? Probably.

Okay, I will stop my rambling and share my list!



Our first priority when moving in was painting the main living space. Although I don’t have any good before pictures (lesson learned!) the family room, kitchen, entry-way, breakfast room and hallways were navy blue. It was DARK to say the least. The walls were patched from the previous owners pictures and TV mount. It needed a fresh coat! We went with Cornforth White by Farrow & Ball. It is a very soft, light gray that has looked gray-t in every room I’ve painted it in. Get it? Ok, I’m a dork.


628d37ce-2045-4aa3-95f2-e489a06d377dOur dishwasher was not in working order when moving in. We headed to Best Buy and purchased this Samsung Dishwasher and we LOVE it. So sleek and modern with the buttons on the top instead of the front of the door. It has plenty of space inside for larger dishes and even plays a cute little tune when the cycle is complete. Oh, and the door pops open at the end, just slightly, to help dry the dishes. We decided to pass up the installation fee and DIY…which probably was not worth the hassle. It was a beast to get it to fit under our counter as the hardwood floors were not quite even. Thank goodness for husbands who don’t give up.

{New Lights}

Although this is a work in progress, we have started to replace some of our lights to give the house a fresh update! Below are two of my favorite lighting updates we have done so far. I hope to keep replacing them over the next year, inside and outside, to truly transform each room.


{Guest Bedroom}

Woah, lime green!! Honestly, I started on this room because I already had all the furniture and knew I could tackle it relatively inexpensively! Fresh paint (again in Cornforth White) and a pretty DIY shiplap wall had this room looking dreamy in no time! start


For the full guestroom reveal, including DIY shiplap plans, click here!

{Hardwood Floor}

Are you ready for a confession? We slept on our mattress on the floor in a spare bedroom for about 5 months after we moved into our new house. Our master bedroom had nasty carpet that needed to be ripped out, but we were trying to decide what to replace it with. We finally decided we wanted hardwood, but it took a while to find the wood that matched the rest of the house, including the hallway to the bedroom. We searched for forever, and we finally found it! After waiting for the floor to be shipped, renting a floor nailer and watching a few YouTube videos we were ready for another round of DIY. With the help of my dad, we knocked this project out in one weekend and replaced that stained carpet with beautiful new hardwoods. We are still sleeping on our mattress on the floor, but at least it is pretty floor!


{Added a Family Member}

Yes, I know this doesn’t have to do with our house. But honestly, it kind of does because she single handedly destroys floors, pillows and guest bedroom linens all in a days work. Good thing she is so stinkin’ cute! This year we added a new fur baby to our family after friends of ours rescued her off a busy street from a potentially abusive situation. Even Draco loves our little Luna-tic.



{Master Bathroom}

Another lime green disaster cleaned up! I will admit, this project took the longest chunk of time this year, but was definitely worth every weekend we spent on it. I painted everything from the walls to the floors (yes, the tile floor) and it truly took this outdated bath into this century.

To see the full bathroom transformation, including all the DIY projects, click here!


This room sold us the house. Unfortunately, this room also became the “I don’t know what to do with this, I’ll just put it in here” room. After many trip to get paint samples, researching different furniture, buying supplies for DIY curtain rods and, of course, another shiplap wall, we finally have a sunroom to drool over. I LOVE this room. The floor to ceiling windows and big comfy chair make me want to grab a cup of coffee and a good book and relax.


Want to see more of my sunroom? Click here to check it out!

{Garage Door}

When we moved in, we talked about replacing the garage door that enters into the kitchen area. The door was fine, but you could tell it was thin and not insulated very well. One day, we had one of those “I thought YOU had the keys” days and accidentally locked ourselves out. Rather than calling a locksmith (who does that?), Tyler went all “Here’s Johnny” and took an ax to the door to break in. Long story short, replacing a door is not as easy as just attaching a new door at the hinges. We had to buy a whole new frame and replace the entire unit. BUT, all is well that ends well. We now have a nice very well insulated door. And yes, that is me in the car riding with the new door above my head…safety first!


{Family Room Furniture}

All good projects take time, especially picking out furniture! Our family room is definitely a work in progress, but I will say, I am super proud of us for finally settling on a new couch after three years of marriage and sitting on a dirty Bachelor couch! Stay tuned as we finish this room, as I will share more after pictures…


{Exterior Paint}

This is BY FAR the best, most exciting, biggest transformation we have done to-date! Because it is SO AWESOME, it deserves it’s own post! I will be sharing tips on picking exterior paint colors, our final choices and, of course, before and after pictures in my next few posts! Stay tuned!


See? We’ve been busy little bees around here! When living in chaos, it helps to look back at how far you have come. Eyes on the prize! Cheers to one year of home ownership, and cheers to this next year of projects!



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