{DIY} Farmhouse Style Corbels


I don’t know about y’all, but I just love those antique farmhouse style corbels floating around. Such a pretty touch added to a shelf, used as bookends or just styled on a mantle. I recently found some beautiful ones in a local antique shop, but quickly put them right back where I found them when I saw the price tag. EIGHTY bucks. NOPE. With exterior painting going on at our place, every penny must. be. pinched.

Well, you know me. I decided to create a knock-off at a fraction of the cost. I admit, those true antiques still haunt me a bit, but this DIY afternoon project was just what I needed to stop myself from buying them.


Materials Needed (This post contains affiliate links…read about that here):

This project is super easy and can be completed in an afternoon—just make sure the corbel is dry between each step and you are good to go!

{Step 1}: Stain your corbel. I like to use rubber gloves so I don’t stain my skin. A foam brush worked perfectly to get in all curves of the wood.


{Step 2}: After the stain is completely dry, paint a light layer of acrylic paint of your color choice. I used a light blue on mine. Don’t worry about covering each little spot, just get a light coat on there. This will give it one more dimension of color when you sand the edges a bit.

{Step 3}: Now paint the white milk paint OVER your acrylic paint. Get it good. Get all the curves and tight spots. I used a small paint brush for this step and did two coats for full coverage.


{Step 4}: Lightly sand the edges and curves to expose some of the acrylic paint and stain. As you sand, try to hit the spots that would naturally wear over the years.


Voila! Super easy and super cute project for a beginner DIY-er. Happy Corbel-ing and don’t forget to share the pictures of your projects with me!


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