Sunroom Reveal


I have to say, one of my talents in life is knowing when “it’s the one.” I would never label myself as being incredibly opinionated, but when I know, I know. Ya know? For example, I had only known Tyler for about 3 months when we were rushing around getting ready for a concert. We stopped for fast food so we could make it on time and he made fun of my kids meal. “I could eat that in one bite.” Sure enough, he bought a McDonald’s cheeseburger and folded it over twice and shoved the whole thing in his mouth. As he was chewing, he pulled out the pickle and mouthed to me “I don’t like pickles.” Yep, he was the one.

A few years later, I stopped at a car dealership on my way home from class and saw it. A black Miata with tan leather interior. I had to take it for a drive. Top down, I was ready. The man from the dealership was 6 foot 5 and his head stuck out the top, but this fit me like a glove. One good spin around the block and I knew. She was the one.

Or that time when we went on a hunt for the perfect wedding venue. First stop was to a vineyard in the mountains of North Georgia. As I walked out into the vineyard, the view was breath taking. Picturesque Mount Yonah as our backdrop for our I do’s. Say no more. It was the one.

So when we were house hunting, I was waiting. I was waiting on that “this is the one” feeling. We went through so many houses we probably drove our seriously amazing real estate agent to tears. It’s too big. It’s too far away. It smells funny. It looks haunted. Oh, but when we walked into our house, we knew. We went room to room picturing our lives in there. And then I saw the Sunroom. That’s when I knew. It was the one.

Now, y’all have seen some of the “before” pictures of our home. You must be wondering how I possibly thought this was the one. Well, I have an overactive imagination, watch too much HGTV and have spent too much time on Pinterest. So there’s that.

Again, let’s see where we started from with this Sunroom of ours, shall we?



As you can see, this quickly became a dump room. We didn’t have any furniture for it yet, so it was an big empty space to store stuff we didn’t know what to do with. The wall color wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t great. That chalkboard was a bit much, as my fur children aren’t really good at drawing. The floor was amazing though!

I started brainstorming and decided it needed new paint, shiplap (duh) and all new furniture. I wanted a room that begged you to hang out. I wanted a place to crash and read a book. I wanted a place to grow attempt to grow plants. I wanted it to be light, inviting and feminine. It turned out even better than I had pictured.





52d7c830-8496-40ae-a74f-e5ff0927917e-2“But mom, I’m so cute.”












Mission accomplished! It is so warm and inviting. The perfect spot to curl up with a book and a cup of joe. Just don’t spill on my white furniture. (Do I sound like my mother or what?) It also doubles as a look-out tower for the dogs to spy on the neighbors. We are working on teaching them to keep their paws off the chair. I’ll keep you updated.

I have already had lots of questions about projects in this room! I will begin sharing them post by post with detailed instructions so you recreate them in your own home. Stay tuned for shiplap, embroidery hoop art, DIY wooden curtain rods, corbel painting and more…

Thanks for stopping by!




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