Latitude & Longitude Sign

When we moved into our new house, we had some pretty empty walls. Well, to be honest, we STILL have a lot of empty walls, but they are slowly being filled. Don’t you just love those farmhouse style, personalized signs? Scroll your insta-feed and you’ll see dozens of them with last names, wedding dates, cute sayings…you name it! The only thing I don’t love about them are the prices. Sooooo…being the DIY crazy that I am, I set out to make something myself. I had a big empty spot in my breakfast nook that needed some love. I made the most darlin’ sign to hang there and thought I would share how I did it…ya know, in case you decide you need one too!

Supply List {I have linked the exact supplies I used}:


  • Silhouette or other material cutter {This is what I used…thanks MOM!}

Using the Silhouette to cut your template is best, as this gives you the flexibility to change the font and size of your letters and numbers.

Ok, ya ready to make a cute sign? Get your glass of wine and lets do it!

First, I cut my shelving board to size. Luckily, I only made one cut with a compound miter saw. If you don’t have one of these, home depot will cut it for you for a very small fee!

Once you have the board cut to size, stain your wood. I used Varathane wood stain {linked above in the supply list} in American Walnut. stainingThis is my go-to color for stain. It is beautiful! I like to stain using an old cut up tee shirt. Just dip the shirt in the stain and rub it onto the wood WITH the grain. You want it to stay fairly dry as you are just kind of pushing the stain into the wood.

That’s Luna trying to get in on the project. Told ya she would lurk in all my pictures.luna You can always add more stain if you want it darker. It’s pretty, right?? Let it dry while you refill your wine glass.

Next, choose your saying, phrase, etc and use the Silhouette to cut your template out on adhesive vinyl. I chose to display our wedding venue coordinates. I am sappy like that! If you want to display coordinates like me, just google “latitude and longitude of…” Other cute coordinate ideas might be your first address, where you met, favorite vacation spot, honeymoon spot, where you hid a body {Kidding, kidding!}…the list goes on!

Next, I pressed the cut out template onto my DRY stained shelving board. Make sure they are STUCK! I used a credit card to really seal them down. You don’t want the paint to leak under your template so take your time with this.


Almost there! Next up is dry brushing! For this, you want your paint brush to stay almost completely dry! I poured a little milk paint and barely dipped the end of my paint brush into it. Don’t slop up all the paint. Brush the milk paint over the board and your template. You can go as heavy or as light as you like. I went fairly light, but making sure to cover all the stained area. Using this dry brush technique gives it a “weathered’ sort of look as opposed to a solid color. Ok, again..let this dry completely!

NOW…for the super fun part!! {I got so excited here. I did a little dance in my kitchen!} Gently peel up your number templates. cute, right?? Yes, you can happy dance too!peel

How adorable?!! AND, the best part is this sign only cost me about $12 for the shelving board. All the rest of the supplies I had on hand from other crazy ideas I have had. But, if you don’t have the stain and paint, you can use them for all kinds of stuff. So, go get you some!


I just used picture hangers on the back of the shelving board to hang it above my window.nook

If anyone decides to make one of these, I want to see it!! Happy DIY-ing friends!


6 thoughts on “Latitude & Longitude Sign

  1. I love this! You have some amazing projects! I would love it if you would come and share this and some of your other amazing projects at Celebrate Your Story! The party begins on Monday nights at 8 PM. We are full this week, but come by next week! I would love to feature your sign! Sharing on FB and pinning!


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