Here we go, y’all

Remember back in the day when you had to write school papers? Unfortunately, I had a lot of practice with those considering the amount of school I tortured myself with. But you sit down, cup of coffee in hand, staring at the computer screen. My parents own a little coffee shop, so I would sit in the cafe, sipping my coffee, just staring at the blinking cursor wondering what to say and how to say it. I am having flash backs now as I sit here, staring at this computer screen…only no coffee in hand this time. Maybe that’s my problem right there…no coffee.

I have so many things I want to share. So many little projects. And big projects. Things I have learned. Things I have royally messed up. Where do I start?

Day one moving into our house was a bit of a blur. Our close date got pushed, so we were in a mad rush to get everything out of our rental and in the new place. Everything was pretty much stacked in the garage. See…

But…we made it. Officially home owners! Cheers to that! It was strange though, it felt like we were living in some strangers house. Walls painted crazy colors (hello lime green-I see you!), carpet stains we did not make (eww), strange dog toys buried in the back yard (at least someone was happy)…the only things I recognized were our beat-to-you-know-what couch, my wonderful husband and our big goofy pitbull Draco. (This was before we got the wild idea to add another fur child to our family…have I mentioned we are insane?)

It was exciting. And scary. And I wanted to gut the whole house (especially this one ugly bathroom) and start over. But, these things cost money you know. And I am a savvy shopper. Oh and I also watch a LOT of HGTV. That makes me qualified for home renovations, right? So we started painting and ripping up floors and rescuing a crazy lunatic dog (see I told you we are insane) and appropriately named her Luna. She is literally in the middle of every project I am working on. She tried to lick an open paint can today. Stay tuned, she’s lurking in most of my project pictures I have taken so far.

So, I will post as I go. Ideas, projects, tips, etc. Let me know if you try any of my wild ideas…I want to know!

I will leave you with some words of advice:

  1. Take lots of “before” pictures.
  2. Use a drop cloth.
  3. Watch out for this Luna-tic:)img_0808



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